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Far East Bio-Tec Co., Ltd. (ALGAPHARMA BIOTECH CORP.) is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in organic spirulina, organic chlorella producer and biotech microalgae research market. FEBICO has been offering our customers high value spirulina, chlorella, spirulina chlorella, organic spirulina, organic chlorella, bio chlorella, blue green algae, nutritional supplements since 1976. With both advanced technology and 40 years experience, FEBICO always make sure to meet each customer's demand.


Keep Looking Extraordinary with the Perfect Product for Your Skin

From all the daily stresses that everyone faces everyday, whether it is keeping up with a busy schedule, stress from work, staying up late, insomnia, etc. It is not easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle and when your health is out of balance, the damage will start showing on your skin. So there needs to be a way for us to prevent that from happening and keep our skin looking vibrant and marvelous all the time. People have probably have heard of the many benefits that chlorella can have for their bodies, but what’s more, the benefits it has for your skin alone is astounding! The benefits include detoxification, wound healing, treatment of acne, anti-aging effects, and treatment of eczema. Keep in mind that skin is the largest organ of our bodies so it should earn plenty of attention from us. We should protect it and treat it well as much as we possibly can.

First and foremost, by applying chlorella onto your skin, it will detoxify your skin cells from the inside out instead of just on the surface. Chlorella will enhance your skin by enabling healthy cells to grow and detoxifying it. And by detoxifying the skin, the chances of it being damaged will be lessened by a large margin. Chlorella has the function of penetrating cell walls to eliminate detrimental elements that causes premature aging and that is why chlorella can do wonders in terms of anti-aging.

Free radicals are the substances in our bodies that are accumulated from the pollution we face everyday and lack of a healthy diet that cause us to age faster and chlorella has the ability to reduce them. Chlorella is also a very potent skin-healing agent because it contains vitamins and minerals that can help speed up wound-healing processes. There will be more new healthy tissues formed because chlorella will stimulate our skin cells to reproduce at faster rates than usual.

The Narogen Energy Collagen Mask that is available will be able to moisturize, smooth out wrinkles, and rejuvenate your skin with an amazing mix of naturally nano-sized ingredients along with microalgae extract. It contains Chlorella Growth Factor that will inhibit elastase, which is an enzyme that destroys elastin. Elastin is vital for keeping our skin elastic, soft and wrinkle-free. This mask will be able to maintain your skin’s firmness and moisture level along with all the benefits from chlorella, letting you keep your skin young and revitalized effectively so that you can have one less thing to worry about amidst your busy life.