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FEBICO (Taiwan Microalgae Manufacturer) Oil

Far East Bio-Tec Co., Ltd. (ALGAPHARMA BIOTECH CORP.) is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in organic spirulina, organic chlorella producer and biotech microalgae research market. FEBICO (Taiwan Microalgae Manufacturer) has been offering our customers high value spirulina, chlorella, spirulina chlorella, organic spirulina, organic chlorella, bio chlorella, blue green algae, nutritional supplements since 1976. With both advanced technology and 40 years experience, FEBICO (Taiwan Microalgae Manufacturer) always make sure to meet each customer's demand.


Febico BioFuel Project

Far East Microalgae Biofuel Technology (MBT)

Deriving from the thirty years of manufacturing and research experience of microalgae business, Far East Biotech Company has devoted resources in developing algal based biofuel.


  1. Taiwan's Leader in Commercial Microalgae Production, Technology, and Applications 
  2. Over 30 Years of Experiences in Microalgae Industry Including the Biomedical Research and Health Fields. 
  3. Taiwan Government Commitments to Green Fuel. (Energy)
  4. Taiwan's Subtropical Weather is Perfectly Suited for Microalgae Cultivation 
  5. Local Microalgae Species Suited For High Lipid Extraction 
  6. Super Open Pond Technology (SOPT) 
  7. Extensive Experiences in Scale Up Production