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Liver Health

FEBICO Bpogen Capsules Take Care of Your Liver


Bpogen is the latest product developed from bio-technically developed spirulina. An adequate usage of FEBICO Bpogen capsules, is the solution to building up strength, reducing fatigue, and good circulation.

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The spread of Hepatitis worldwide.

The liver is also known as a silent organ, because the majority of infections are asymptomatic until the hepatitis outbreak. Global Overview: 80% of primary liver cancer is caused by chronic hepatitis B. Each year, about 1.2 million people die from hepatitis B-related chronic liver diseases.

Asia: This region carries the highest incidence of Hepatitis B, carriers of Hepatitis B accounts to about 10 percent of the total population, or more than 100 million people. In South East Asia, each year about 25 million deaths are caused from liver diseases, and there are many more patients who suffer from long-term liver infection and diseases.

China: The country has the highest ranking with people infected with HBV, about 120 million people (about 1 out of 12 people is infected), and around 30 million people suffer from chronic type Hepatitis B.

Taiwan: Liver cancer is ranked number 2 in the top 10 cancer caused deaths. Every year, 7 to 8 thousand people die due to lung cancer, and Hepatitis B carriers is calculated at 3 million people (average of 1 out of every 7 people is a carrier).

Significant difference of micronutrients found in Hepatitis B carriers and healthy people.

Clinical studies show that the micronutrients status changes in carriers or patients of viral hepatitis, such as the rise in oxidative stress, the rise in percentage of heavy metals and microelements. These symptoms reduce the body's immune, anti-oxidize and anti-virus abilities, which therefore, affect the cure rate.

Related studies show that, carotenoids, folate, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin C, iron, zinc, copper, selenium and other micronutrients have immune ability, and also affect the patient's susceptibility for infectious diseases and cure rate.

Therefore, Hepatitis B patients can take supplement externally to replenish the micronutrients status, which may decrease side affects of Hepatitis B therapy, also improving the cure rate.

FEBICO Bpogen Capsules.

Bpogen is the latest product developed from bio-technically developed spirulina. It not only contains high purity of phycocyanin (CPC), zinc, selenium, chromium, it is also capable of replenishing carotenoids, folate, and other micronutrients. Spirulina can effectively regulate the immune function, enhance anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-virus abilities, thus reducing side effects of Hepatitis B drug treatment and enhancing the cure rate of Hepatitis B treatment.

Bpogen has proven from experiments that, the special anti-oxidant ingredient known as phycocyanin found in spirulina is capable of reducing carbon tetrachloride (CCI4) and other chemical reagents ability to bio-transform, and prevent damage to the internals from the toxic elements created during its process, it can also effectively reduce GOT and GPT. In addition, Bpogen also focused research and clinical studies on chronic Hepatitis B patients. During the process of medical treatment for chronic Hepatitis B patients, Bpogen was applied, and the study shows that the anti-oxidant enzymes (Zn/CU-SOD, Se-dependent GPx, GR) found in patients have improved significantly, suggesting that viral clearance and live function improvement are significant. Bpogen can further help reduce liver total lipids and triglycerides, and increase good cholesterol (high density cholesterol, LDL) levels, reduce liver and cardiovascular burden. Therefore, an adequate usage of FEBICO Bpogen capsules, is the solution to building up strength, reducing fatigue, and good circulation.


Supplement For Chronic Hepatitis B Patients

Viral hepatitis has been a fundamental problem in Taiwan, especially hepatitis B. There is no cure for Hepatitis B and infected patients have to take medicine for the rest of their lives to control the virus. The Disease Control Agency said that presently there are about 2.8-3.3 million hepatitis B virus carriers in Taiwan. Those carriers are 150 times more likely to develop liver cancer than healthy people.

New Way To Fight Hepatitis B

A recent clinical research team led by Dr. Wu Ming-shun, director of the Department of Gastroenterology, Wanfang Hospital, found that supplementing Taiwan-specific Arthrospira when treating patients with hepatitis B can effectively reduce the hepatitis B surface antigen (anti-HBs). Dr. Ming Shun Wu is a world-renowned expert in gastroenterology and biotechnology. Here giving a speech about FEM-102 at a medical conference.

This clinical trial is still ongoing, and it awaits publication in medical journals. Taiwan-specific Arthrospira FEM-102, in the non-clinical trials, has shown to be effective in increasing immunity and resistance to virus infections. Currently, Arthrospira FEM-102 is being developed by the domestic industry into dietary supplements.

Wanfang Hospital’s Gastroenterology team recruited 60 volunteers infected with Hepatitis B to participate in the test. In addition to drugs, the patients were administered different doses of Arthrospira FEM-102. After 6 months, blood tests found that patients taking 6 grams of FEM-102 daily showed a significant reduction in hepatitis B surface antigen (anti-HBs).

New Hope to Hepatitis B Patients

Current medication cannot eliminate hepatitis B completely. Only a small portion of infected childer can be completely cured. The rest of the patients are facing life-long intake of anti-viral drugs to control hepatitis B virus. Often, the older the patient, the harder it is to control hepatitis. The emergence of the unique Arthrospira FEM-102 brings new hope to hepatitis B patients, especially those over 50 with the chronic form of hepatitis.

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