Apogina® Phyco-radiance Powder


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FEBICO Apogina® Phyco-radiance Powder Service Introduction

Far East Bio-Tec Co., Ltd. (ALGAPHARMA BIOTECH CORP.) is Taiwan Apogina® Phyco-radiance Powder supplier and manufacturer with more than 40 years experence. Since 1976, in the Chlorella and Spirulina, both organic certified and natural available in finish products, raw powder, bulk tablets, private labeling and OEM/ODM services, FEBICO has been offering our customers high value Apogina® Phyco-radiance Powder production service. With both advanced technology and 40 years experience, FEBICO always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Apogina® Phyco-radiance Powder

Narogen® Skin Care Products contains microalgae extract C.G.F. (Chlorella Growth Factors) that inhibit elastase which is an enzyme that destroys elastin. Elastin is essential in keeping the skin elastic, soft and wrinkle free. Fine lines and wrinkles appear when our collagen and elastin collapse. Narogen® Skin Care Products maintains skin's firmness and moisture level, hence revitalizing tired and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Promoting skin metabolism, removal of excess keratin, and gives the skin a whitening shiny appearance.

Special drying microalgae to give you a whitening shiny skin


  • Professional manufacturer for 4-decades of experience based in Taiwan, supplying premium quality organic Chlorella, Spirulina and nutraceutical products to nutritional supplements, cosmetics and research companies throughout the world
  • Distributor wanted for FEBICO brand finished products
  • FEBICO can help you create new products and packaging specified to the demands of your individual markets
  • Offering private labeling, OEM/ODM services
  • Patented and branded ingredients
  • Products in raw Material, bulk tablets
  • High quality product and services with on-time delivery
  • Free sample for testing

Product Features

  1. Special drying method retains the activity of microalgae, apply after three minutes of adding water. Has the ability to promote skin metabolism, removal of excess keratin, and gives the skin a whitening shiny appearance. Microalgae also has the ability to absorb grease, dirt, heavy metals, and can purify the skin to a spring water form! French royal lavender essential oil can penetrate into the skin, balancing oil, skin moisture level, and repairing dry, sun damaged skin.


  1. Whitening -mineral rich spa algae essence, giving the skin a whitening and shiny appearance.
  2. Adsorption - absorption of excess facial oil, dirt, and heavy metals.
  3. Removal -removal of aging skin, promoting metabolism.
  4. Moisturize - lavender essential oil removes excess oil and an excellent moisturizer.