Febico team welcome you! | 100% Made in Taiwan Organic Spirulina & Chlorella Manufacturer | Far East Bio-Tec Co., Ltd.

Febico team welcome you! / With almost 50 year experiences ,FEBICO is committed to provide quality microalgae superfoods and health supplements to our global customers along with our best services.

Febico team welcome you!

By Service

FEBICO group is the world best organic Chlorella, organic Spirulina, clean Chlorella, premium Spirulina, food supplements manufacturer and supplier based in Taiwan. We are not only looking for distributors, wholesalers or retailers worldwide for our own brand products, but also constantly seeking partners who are in need of Chlorella, Spirulina, Green Superfoods, algae extract for food supplements and skin care, natural anti-viral supplements, Nattokinase, probiotics, plant protein and pet supplements.

We are engaged in the development and commercialization of high value products derived from microalgae, having well-trained employees use their professional know-how from purchasing through production and packaging to quality control for offering you the best quality services. As the specialized microalgae producer, we are in a flexible position to supply raw material, bulk tablets, extract ingredients, brand development for food supplement. Our professional staff in response to all your requests.

FEBICO Brand Retail Packs

FEBICO team can assist you with all your requirements in small quantities to get your business started in the fastest way. We would suggest to start off with FEBICO brand retail packs to first build up the market before establishing own brand for your product in the future. By offering this service, we will be able to provide you marketing material in which we have already developed for the products, such as graphic artworks of brochures and literature for you to print and hand out to potential customers. We can offer you our scientific studies for your marketing use as well.

Wholesale Purchase

FEBICO products are available in wholesale purchase for wishing to buy a larger quantity at a discounted price for resale and designed for naturopathic practitioners, nutritionists, fitness professionals and for who wishing to sell our product in physical or online shop. Our products help people achieve their overall health and wellness goals, whether it is for nurturing health, daily immune support, vitality, or longevity, etc.

Distributor Wanted

Are you an overseas distributor looking for importing food supplements? To become our distributor in your region, the minimum order quantity is required and may vary by product. Please feel free to contact us for detailed cooperation plan and pricing agreement. In order to ensure the success of your efforts, welcome to share with us your marketing plan and regional volume forecast.

Private Labeling Service

We offer private labeling for our available products where we can provide with finished products under your label. Our professional in-house laboratories, nutritionists, and graphic designers can help you save additional expenses on packaging designs. We are offering a variety choices of packaging types based on recyclable food grade eco-friendly packaging, including zip lock printed pouch, bottle, blister, sachet, paperboard box. We welcome you to contact us if you are interested in accessing full range of products.

OEM ODM and Custom Formulation

All of our products are available for custom formulations which you may let us know which of our ingredients you would like the formulation to include, our professional nutritionists and RD team provide formulation suggestion with technical supports to help you create a unique functional product. Product available in variety dosage form including tablets, chewable, capsules, powder mix, liquid preparation. Our in-house laboratory can issue you a certificate of analysis for each order to ensure high quality and food safety of the products.

Raw Materials and Bulk Products

To meet the manufacture’s specific requirements, we are flexible to supply raw materials, bulk tablets, bulk capsules and extract ingredients for food supplement, pharmaceutical and skin care industries. The raw materials that we are offering now are organic certified microalgae, natural premium microalgae, branded materials Apogen microalgae protein extract and Chlorella Growth Factor extract (CGF), trace element enriched Spirulina, fermented materials Nattokinase powder. Please contact us for detailed information and MOQs.

To sum up, if you are looking to jump-start your business and increase credibility by providing a product line that is extremely beneficial, we're the one with over 4-decade professional experience that can make you such commitment. Please feel free to contact us for getting further information such as samples for testing, pricing, packaging options, delivery terms and cooperation plans. We're looking to help you expand your brand influence and establish long-standing successful business!

By Service for By Service | 100% Made in Taiwan Organic Spirulina & Chlorella Manufacturer | Far East Bio-Tec Co., Ltd.

Located in Taiwan since 1976, Far East Bio-Tec Co., Ltd. has been a chlorella, spirulina and dietary supplements manufacturer. Their main products, include , Organic Spirulina, Organic Chlorella, Spirulina Natural, Chlorella Natural and Nutritional Supplements, which are produced with advanced fermentation facilities to produce high-quality nattokinase and spore-forming probiotics.

With almost 50 year experiences ,FEBICO is committed to provide quality microalgae superfoods and health supplements to our global customers along with our best services. Manufacturer of spirulina and chlorella (organic certified and natural) in Febico brand finish product, raw powder, bulk tablets, private labeling and OEM/ODM.

FEBICO has been offering customers Naturland / EU and USDA-NOP certified chlorella, spirulina and dietary supplements, both with advanced technology and 47 years of experience, FEBICO ensures each customer's demands are met.