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high nutritional value of Chlorella

What is Spermidine?

Spermidine, The Secret To Reverse Aging

Spermidine can be obtained through various foods such as chlorella, wheat germ, soybeans, aged cheese, and some types of mushrooms. Consuming a balanced diet rich in spermidine-containing foods may provide holistic health benefits.

Spermidine Boost Autophagy

Spermidine, a natural polyamine, crucially aids various biological processes in the body. Its primary role involves supporting cell growth by interacting with DNA, RNA, and proteins, ensuring the integrity of nucleic acids for genetic transmission and gene regulation. Spermidine is additionally associated with promoting autophagy, a cellular mechanism that removes damaged components, enhancing overall cellular health and longevity. Its potential in safeguarding against age-related diseases and extending lifespan has garnered significant attention in research.

The Secret Of Anti-Aging

Recently what's particularly intriguing is that American internet sensation and entrepreneur Bryan Johnson has included Chlorella's comprehensive nutrition as a key dietary component for anti-aging. At the age of 45, Johnson is determined to maintain the lung capacity of an 18-year-old and the skin of a 28-year-old. In addition to staying well-hydrated and supplementing his diet with collagen and creatine, he incorporates chlorella into pill as source of spermidine. This regimen has helped him achieve the rejuvenating effects of anti-aging and has sparked discussions and interest not only in Europe and the United States but also among health-conscious consumers worldwide. Notably, FEBICO chlorella is found to contain approximately 300ppm of spermidine.

Spermine On DNA Synthesis

Chlorella and spermidine are interrelated in their potential to promote anti-aging effects. Spermidine found in Chlorella supports cellular autophagy, a process of removing damaged cellular components, while Chlorella itself serves as a natural dietary source of this compound. Together, they contribute to the overall maintenance of cellular health, slowing down the aging process and potentially promoting longevity. Spermidine naturally exists in human reproductive organs and ovaries. Through DNA synthesis, spermidine can offer resistance to radiation, counteract dioxin, and prevent gene mutations that can lead to the birth of malformed children. Bryan Johnson leverages spermidine's autophagy function, which involves the consumption of aging cells, preventing inflammation, and reducing the risk of carcinogenesis, to achieve rejuvenation.

Selecting A Reputable Brand Is Imperative.

Microalgae are a concentrated natural food source and the origin of the food chain, containing a variety of nutrients that can help regulate one's physical well-being. They can be consumed in larger quantities without causing adverse effects. In the modern age, there are specialized techniques to enhance the production of specific vitamins and increase the absorption of nutrients in the body. We are currently developing own method for testing Spermidine. If you're interested in exploring the possibilities of co-developing a Spermidine product as part of your anti-aging regime, I'd be delighted to provide you with more details about our products and services.

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