Febico's ApoX Viral Defense Spray Obtained SNQ National Quality Mark


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FEBICO Febico's ApoX Viral Defense Spray Obtained SNQ National Quality Mark Introduction

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Febico's ApoX Viral Defense Spray Obtained SNQ National Quality Mark

2018/12/05 FEBICO
Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo
Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo

FEBICO (ALGAPHARMA BIOTECH CORP.) is a biotechnology company with over 40 years of history in developing health products, biomedical reagents, and new drugs.

One of Febico’s newest achievements, ApoX antiviral spray, has just obtained “SNQ Symbol of National Quality” mark.

SNQ National Quality Mark – stands for “Safety And Quality” and is awarded in collaboration with the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry (I.B.M.I.). IBMI’s quality committee consists of 120 most authoritative scholars and qualified experts in the field of food safety and biotechnology.

To obtain SNQ National Quality Mark, a product must pass through a long-term and rigorous peer review process, during which its safety and effectiveness are tested. The SNQ National Quality Mark means that Apox Antiviral Spray is certified to be effective and safe.

FEBICO has been developing anti-virus technology for 20 years and is well-known in the United States. Research has proven that FEBICO’s FEM-101 algae strain active ingredients can effectively inhibit the Ebola virus, and during the drug development process, this technology was first applied to ApoX antiviral spray.

Each year enteroviruses kill people worldwide. They are not only dangerous, but they are also hard to cure and costly. In early August this year, Africa’s Democratic Republic of the Congo had been going through yet another epidemic of Ebola. As a result, 213 people had died.

To reduce dangers posed by enteroviruses FEBICO cooperated with a renowned university and extracted a natural substance, ApoX, from algae strand FEM-101.

ApoX can prevent influenza viruses, enteroviruses, adenoviruses, respiratory viruses, and simple herpes virus type I and type II from forming virus plaques, up to 24 hours.

Febico filed in patents for ApoX in applications such as masks, phones, door knobs, and other places where easily accessible to the public by hands.

ApoX in a diffuser can be sprayed on surroundings to inhibit virus growth.

ApoX forms a protective layer and effectively inhibits the chances of infection. Because it’s natural, safe, and contains no chemicals, it can be used for people with weak immunity such as children or the elderly.

FEBICO also states that they plan to develop this material as INCI ingredient as a cosmetic substance.

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